Back to the University

It’s been 4 days before i left home to go back to University but i started missing home before i even left. You know that kind of feelings when you know you have to adjust the way you live at home to the way you have to live at University. This isn’t my first year at University but the feeling looks afresh like a starter who just got admitted into the university. I know all those morning sleeping that am big fan of having, have to hit the break, although not like my first year where i offer many courses than the second year which I have less courses. One thing that am big fan is watching movies(most especially series) believe me when I said when am at home I can spend the whole day watching movies just to avoid public and chaos, which i know i have let it go so as to focus on my academic performance. Then the issue of becoming the boss of yourself, one thing university has taught me is that becoming the boss of yourself isn’t that awesome as we think, i mean looking at how we picture ourselves before going to the University that we will soon become free from daddy,mommy or uncles issues. I tell you, you never know that they are the back rock of your life until you step your foot on campus. For example like me during my first year i am eager to left home just to started taking command on my own, which i try but make some terrible decision which i now understand that even when you have to live your family for the university never make that mistake of abandoning them, because you never know what you are going to pass through during your time at the university. Did i just forget or i just get carried away telling you that sometimes becoming the BOSS sucks, that i forget to tell you that i will soon turn to Mr.chief , ahhh!! Sometimes i love this part and sometimes it feels somehow stressful. Lets take the loving part first, i am the kind of guy who admires and cherish what i have done with my own hand that makes me loves cooking what am going to put inside my stomach with my bare hands. To me cooking isn’t a burden as most guys take it, but to finally taste the feeling of what i am capable of making. BUT it becomes stressful when i came back to lecture tired and with an empty stomach, on that very spot i wish that i have supernatural powers were i can make my lunch appear without no any work that i might get into. Talking about living friends and family, this is not the first time am living home but am sure i will miss them we will still be keeping in touch through social media and phone calls. I hope this year will be better both social and academically, and have more fun through out the semester.


Human beings are known with dreams, it is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting, every living being has a goal that he set for himself to achieve, we often tell ourselves that those dreams that are voicing in our mind are the utmost priority in our life. The question is that do we actually work for the cause of that dream? Or did we sat down hoping that faith will did it work. Many of us didn’t know actually what we are dreaming of, we live in a world were we live in someone’s dream thinking that it is ours whereas it isn’t, we taught that copying someone’s life style will lead us to our possible dreams, but what we don’t understand is that everyone has his own path to follow, we may think that just because a friend or someone (whom we are looking up to) work through that path and achieve his dreams will surely work for us, we stop thinking that life isn’t about someone else instead life is about ourselves, what we are capable of achieving and doing, we doubt our capabilities of making a successful dreams for ourselves.

Doubt kills more

dreams than failure

ever will”

For you to start achieving your dreams you need to start believing in yourself, set goals that are personal to you and will inspire you to reach new heights. Don’t follow the crowd and mimic the ambitions of friends – pursue what you are passionate, something that genuinely interests you. This helps create a sense of purpose that wil motivate you to stop thinking and start doing.

And remember life is never easy for those who dream “

As they say failure is mother of success, don’t expect life without challenge, you will fail but learn to dust yourself off and move forward, never let your past failures determined your future success. Success requires great patience. If you rush, you will fail, be patient and remain focus.

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